5 Tips - How to choose a maxi dress for Party wear!

What is the best party wear? The obvious choices are a little black dress, a red dress, or a blue lace dress – or anything on those lines. Now, let's look at the options which are different from these and yet amazing with all the comfort.


The best part about a maxi dress is comfort. This means you can dance your heart out with or also manage the glamorous look with no effort. There are some amazing tips which will help you choose better in no time.


  1. Open to all options

Sticking to one style won’t give you a lot of options. Go through the various types which will help you out to get different looks. There are so many options like Kalamkari dresses, Anarkali dresses, Floral print dresses, Embroidery dresses, Dresses in slits, Dresses with beadworks or mirror work, and so on. As per the occasion or party, choose from all the available options.

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  1. Bottom wear

Bottom wear in party wear is not a mandate. It depends upon what kind of party you are attending. Maxi dresses with long lengths don’t exactly require pants or leggings. However, it can still be accompanied with the bottom wears to give a different look.


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  1. Accessories

This gives you another kind of get-up to your attire. These days you have a huge variety of accessories. You may use decorative Kadas, silver bangles, funky bracelets, pearl necklaces, Boho look neck designs for pairing right. Traditional dress designs can be paired with amazing Jhumkas or long embellished earrings. For casual party wear the chunky earrings/ loop earring looks good along with rings. You would want to choose something with sparkle or shine for party wear. Make sure you don’t wear too many accessories.

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  1. Detailing

Detailing means enhancement in other words. This allows your dress to get a new look which can be a little fancy or more glamorous after detailing. This differs from dress to dress and its material. You need to analyze it and then work on the detailing. A mirror work detailing goes well with thread embroidery. The neck designs of the maxi dresses should be matched with the patterns and sleeves. Adding up full sleeves can make the dress look more elegant.


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  1. Consider Fabrics

The right fabrics can give you the magnificent look along with other things like comfort, occasion wear, and purpose. Every fabric has its features that differ from each other. Cotton is a more breathable material than nylon. Silk gives a rich look whereas linen material is very strong and durable. Linen will always require ironing and silk will give you a glistening look. These are just the examples, understand your cloth material and as per that you can choose to depend upon weather conditions, occasions and desired look.


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