Can’t drape a saree, try these!

by Shweta Patel on Jul 04, 2021

Can’t drape a saree, try these!
Saree is the most famous Indian attire for women all over the world. A saree makes a woman look elegant, gorgeous, and stylish.
It is also a part of Indian’s cultural identity, tradition, and heritage.
However, there are girls and ladies who either don’t like to wear a saree or can’t drape one. If you are one of them then you should always have an alternate option for yourself. Indians believe on certain occasions it is a must to drape a saree however the comfort level should also be considered. Not everyone is able to do the chores in a saree or even handle it for 2 hours.
Traditional saree:
It is usually a long unstitched piece of cloth, generally measures 6 yards long that is paired with a blouse that covers the upper part of the body. Underneath that is a petticoat that is worn for tucking in the pleats of saree and to hold the saree in place.
Following are the options in case you wish to skip saree and prefer to wear something easy, convenient and beautiful.
1. Stiched Material
It is a Pre-stitched maxi dress that gives a look of saree.
It is a Ready-to-wear ensemble designed to be worn in really less time and as easily as a skirt. 
Pre-stitched dresses are thus ideal for anyone like foreigners, Indians settled abroad, and working women with time constraints as it is
  • easy to wear
  • consumes less time
  • looks perfect
  • trendy
  • easy to handle
  • can dance easily

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Ready to wear saree


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Ready to wear Saree

2. Kalamkari Maxi Dresses
Kalamkari art is known for its beautiful color patterns that has a variety of different themes. Usually, you can often spot figures of women in yellow, demons in green and red, and Gods in shades of blue. The most common backgrounds are the lotus motifs.
Kalamkari is quite famous, it is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile produced in Isfahan, Iran, and in Andhra Pradesh.
If you don’t have time to purchase a ready-made saree then you can choose to wear Kalamkari printed dresses that give an elegant and ethnic look. There are different colors and patterns which you can choose as per the event or occasion.
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Kalamkari Dresses by FFI
3.Beautiful maxi dresses with Dupatta 
This is the easiest option and also super creative. All you need to do is, choose a Kurti with a matching dupatta and pair it with nice palazzos or leggings. A long gown or Anarkali can make wonders too. The proper match will give you a nice look.
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Blue maxi dress FFI
Following are the things to keep in mind:
  • The same colors of dupatta and dress matches well
  • Contrast colors give a vibrant look
  • Select tints if not same color (Lighter shade of the color)
  • Select dark shades
  • Try styling the dupatta
  • Contrast color dupattas look attractive
  • Net dupattas give a brighter look


  • Palazzos work well on maxi dresses
  • Leggings of relative color can be used
  • Long skirts can go well with the Kurtis too


Follow the dress code with fashion and comfort both!