How to choose a perfect dress for every occasion

by Shweta Patel on Jun 27, 2021

How to choose a perfect dress for every occasion
Every moment has a different vibe and most of us wish to dress up relevant and look gorgeous. If you are here reading this blog then congratulations because by the end of this blog you will have a bunch of references for your next wear.
For every woman who believes in style and trends, there is always a bunch of information out there and you just need to grab it. We women go through so much from the morning tea/ coffee till bedtime. Women are the best management in themselves and everything has a back up which is brilliantly handled. Therefore, irrelevant dresses with less comfort and more problems should not be in any woman’s bucket.
It's not about filling your wardrobe with dresses but all about choosing the right one for the occasion. Hence, here are some ideas to save you from regrets. Below mentioned are the most common occasions with dress references and ideas to explore.
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1. Dresses for Office:
These days most of them are working from home because of the current Coronavirus situation however sooner or later things will bounce back to normal. Therefore, for work you need confidence, assertion, and a good impression. Dress for office should be formal but not all dress is formal, so how do you choose? Well, it’s easy, you go for simple dresses that have collars, boat necks, or round necks. At your workplace, you might want to avoid looking too casual but at the same time, you can choose some bright and pleasant colors in dresses. We have some dresses in the ‘Pure Elegance’ category where you can buy a good variety for office wear.
Color tip: Light and pleasant colors eg white, light blue, light grey.
Maxi Dress for office FFI
Maxi Dress for office FFI
2. Dresses for small events:
Indian families are all about ‘pujas’, ‘paths’, and quite frequent small gatherings. We Indians totally follow such events religiously. You need to look absolutely stunning with the right choice of dress. Besides you also need to wear something comfortable so your skin breathes freely throughout. The dress should have a proper ethnic look so you can choose from two categories of ours, one is ‘Party special’ and the second is ‘Pure elegance.’ Both the categories have varieties of dresses which are printed, floral, beadwork, A-line, and Anarkali. Dresses can be paired with palazzos and contrasting dupattas.
Color tip: Bright colors like yellows, greens, reds, mix of color with little embroidery.
Dress for puja FFI
Dress for small event FFI
3. Dresses for Weddings:
Weddings are really exciting and most of us start planning in advance about outfits. For weddings, it’s very important to choose a stunning dress that flaunts your best feature. Our trendy ethnic Indian wear has different varieties of dresses which give you a uniquely beautiful look for the occasion. You can choose from the following link to select as your next wear. You can choose to wear full-length embellished dresses that look elegant and beautiful along with a nice dupatta to complete the look. Apart from heavy-designed Anarkali, elegant Kalamkari dresses are always preferred.
Color tip: Dark shades and solid colors like red, green, violet with elegant bead works.
Dress for wedding FFI
Dress for wedding FFI
4. Events Like Cocktail Parties:
Cocktail parties are quite happening these days and people choose to wear party-category looks. However, if you are more comfortable in ethnic or simply experimental, then these dresses can sass up your personality flawlessly. We have some varieties which we suggest wearing for the parties as they are comfortable and trendy at the same time. You could choose to wear cut sleeves, off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder Kurtis. You can also choose to wear a dress that is knee-length like midis or even shorter dresses/ Kurtis to merge it with ripped jeans or shiny leggings.
Color tip: Aqua blues, off whites, magenta, touch of silver, blacks.
Dress for parties FFI
Dress for parties FFI
5. Dresses for Romantics dates:
A very special moment where you wish to be at your best, yes! We are talking about romantic dates. As much as this time is super special for you, it is also challenging to decide on what to wear. Let's solve this for you, If you wish to keep it simple and pleasant then you can wear a short length dress with jeans or pants. If you want to style it up, you can wear a cotton/Georgette dress (midis). You can also choose long dresses which give a classy look. Take a look below to see some options.
Color tip: Pleasant tints like tint of reds, blues, purples, yellows.
 Dress for date FFI
Dress for dates FFI
6. Travel:
Travel calls for comfort, but also you would take pictures, reels, and boomerangs on the way. So, why not travel in both comfort and style? Dresses can be really comfortable and stylish at the same time with beautiful features. Midis and slit Kurti dress work best for such purposes as it gives you the freedom to move. You can choose to wear kaftan style dresses that will give a bohemian look. Or, simple A-line fit dresses that give outdoorsy look. You can always choose long dresses which are equally comfortable for traveling. Take a look at the products showcased below for reference.
Color tip: Bright colors for pleasant and happy mood. Colorful dresses for travelling are the best.
Dress for travelling FFI
Dress for travelling FFI